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White label Simufocal Microscope Head (white)
Simufocal Microscope Head (white) €263,26

White label Simufocal Microscope Head (white)

In stock
  • Tested and approved by Justin Ashord

A Simufocal Microscope Head that allows both eyes and the camera to be used at the same time. Don't waste money on Binocular or basic Trinocular heads! This one has super nice optics that are mated and matched to the cameras on the site as well as being used on set of the Art of Repair!

There are three types of scope heads for what we use in this industry and they all fit into a variety of stands. There is Binocular, Trinocular and Simufocal. The last one, simufocal is the only head you should ever buy for microsoldering.

When you buy a microscope in 2021, you will want to show people your work and potentially.. hopefully, join us all on social media with your amazing work! And at that moment you will realize, DANG! I should have gotten the one that lets me see the camera AND work at the same time.

Regular Trinocular heads do not do this and you will lose one eye and depth perception. That's not fun to work under and gives you instant regret when the price difference was so small and you find out. So im telling you now!

If you buy a Binocular head, you will end up buying a super way too expensive adapter to put your phone camera up to the eyepiece, and take the generic fishing for the scope image picture. 

So in my eyes, the Simufocal is the only option, and I won't be part of wasting your time and money by offering anything less than the best version of the main component of where you might spend most of your day working!

Iv even provided the highly sought-after .35x reduction lens in the most stable form of the adapter I could find with this head to make sure the cameras have a beautiful image.

Color of head: white

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